Love Tanjane Cloud Dress

Love Tanjane Blue Dress

Bohemian Chic Women’s Clothing Collection created and handcrafted in Ojai California by Designer Sonia Erneux.

Love Tanjane Dresses ~

Love Tanjane Dress

Made in the USA

Artisan Dyed Prints

White Lacy Summer Shirt

Lacy shirt

Look at this super cute lacy shirt! It’s nice and open and cool enough for the hottest summer days!

Lovely Coral Maxi Dress

maxi dress

Such a cute dress and in such a great color, not just for  summer! If you pair it with one of our cute lacy cardigans, you can wear it on the colder days in winter as well! This is just one example of the beautiful dresses we offer!

Crochet Top and Cardigan

A lovely crocheted top with pink cardigan that looks oh so feminine! Just another example of the beautiful apparel for sale in our boutique. We carry many styles and sizes so stop by and take a look!